Emily Keegin - On Photo Direction


In this episode, Gem Fletcher chats to Emily Keegin, Freelance Photo Director. She has created images for The Fader, No Man’s Land, Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, IBM and many more. As a prominent editor, she understands how the physical, human and cognitive need to blend to make a great photograph.


Emily is constantly thinking about how images come into being and how they influence what we see, think and believe. During the pandemic, she began to share her research and reflections on Instagram  - an enlightening experience for anyone fascinated by photography's omnipresent role in our lives. In this kind of casual visual anthropology, she invites us into her particular way of seeing the world with care, humour, joy and endless curiosity.


In this conversation, we discuss Emily's relationship to photography and how she thinks about commissioning and working with photographers to support them in doing their best work. We talk about the impact of photography and its relationship to culture and power. We talk about money, the challenges facing editors and photographers in the current climate and much more.


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