Efrem Zelony-Mindell - On Curating

In this episode, Gem Fletcher chats to curator, writer and artist Efrem Zelony-Mindell. Efrem embraces new ways of thinking, creating and talking about photography and art. Their work invites us to trash the rule book, abandon the systems that only serve a small group and insist on reimagining new modalities of creativity through the fundamental act of being together. Efrem’s practice is one that is truly in sync with the messy reality of life and they show us time and time again how facing the unknown or the challenging can be so generative. 


Their recent curatorial endeavours include Witness, Primal Sight and New Flesh to name just a few. Efrem also writes about art for Foam, Dear Dave, Vice as well as author essays for many artist monographs. 


In this conversation, we discuss Efrems’s creative process and how community and connection play a critical part in everything they do. We discuss discovery, isolation, burn out and how a practice evolves over time. 


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