Dr Jennifer Good - On Ethics

Recorded remotely on 7th September 2020, Gem Fletcher chats to Dr Jennifer Good, writer, researcher and educator. Known for her fascinating research on the relationship between photography and trauma. She has written several books and writes for a variety of photography magazines and journals. As the Joint Course Leader on the BA & MA Photojournalism and Documentary course at the London College of Communication, Jen works closely with students on discovering and honing personal ethics through deeply interrogating their own views, politics and experiences, both conscious and subconscious which then in turn informs the work they make.

In this conversation, Jennifer talks about her reflections on what photography is and how it functions in the modern world. We talk about her career path, her research practice and how her study of photography and trauma has evolved. We explore her role as an educator and the work she is doing with student to support a decolonisation of their practice. We talk about visual literacy, ethics, the falsehood of objectivity, and how we all inherit the history of the violence of the camera.

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