David Brandon Geeting - On Process


Recorded remotely on 4th September 2020, Gem chats to photographer David Brandon Geeting, a photographer renown for his disruptive approach to still life and visual aesthetics. Masterfully playing with ideas of taste, worth, reality and truth, David challenges our expectations of photography, especially those within the commercial and editorial space. David's 2019 monograph Neighbourhood Stroll is a collection of photographs taken outside in his neighbourhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Void of humans, the work dissects what they’ve left behind, and feels more post-apocalyptic than it does present-day. His work has been published in two other monographs including Infinite Power (2015), a whimsical compilation of imagery that he describes as ‘a collection of nothing’, and 2016’s S.K.N.P (South Korean Nature Photography), which sees him investigating relationships between the natural and urban.

In this Conversation, David shares his journey in the industry so far, from how he got started and discovered an interest in objects to how he protects his authorship while working commercially. We talk about the space between intention and intuition and how he navigates both external and personal pressure. We reflect upon his monograph Neighbourhood Stroll and how the work channels new ideas in the light of the events of 2020. David reflects upon the epic shifts of 2020 and how they have impacted how he wants to create work in the future.

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