Campbell Addy - On Growth

In this episode, Gem Fletcher chats to photographer and director Campbell Addy. They come together to discuss Cambell’s first monograph Feeling Seen published by Prestel. Much has happened since the pair recorded the first episode back in 2018. This is a truly special episode that speaks to what it means to be a young artist, how to navigate fashion and advertising and not lose yourself, what it means to meet the people who helped form you as an artist and how community shapes everything.

Campbell has worked with editorial outlets Vogue, Financial Times, Dazed, Luncheon Magazine, Double Magazine, Wall Street Journal Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Garage Magazine. His work has been exhibited internationally including at the world-renowned Somerset House. Campbell is also the founder of Nii Journal, a biannual arts and culture publication, and of Nii Agency, a modelling and casting agency dedicated to representing and celebrating diversity.

In this conversation, we discuss Campbell’s journey since the first episode, what he has discovered about himself and making work along the way touching upon community, process, creative practice and the future.


Check out my first conversation with Campbell on episode 4 here. 

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