Annie Collinge - On Ideas

Recorded remotely on 16th October 2020, Gem chats to photographer Annie Collinge who moves between the world of art and fashion, creativity and commerce in a way that stays true to her ethos and intentions as a photographer. Based in London, she uses photography as a tool for transformation, for imagining a kind of illusion in the everyday. Encountering her work is to happen upon something miraculous unexpectedly - often a playful fantasy that is joyful yet carries a dark undertone.


In this conversation Annie talks about the stories, objects and events in her life that inform her work and creative process. We talk about the idea being central to her photographs and her meticulous and almost obsessive dedication to bringing her vision to life. We discuss collaboration, creative life and motherhood, the importance of knowing yourself and how you work best and what it takes to make a fantasy seem real.


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