Media mourns The Queen: plus Emmys gossip, Warner Bros wobbles & social media struggles

Special host Scott Bryan honours the tremendous work of broadcasters covering the Queen's passing with the help of guests, Boyd Hilton (Heat Mag) and Karin Robinson (Edelman).

Across the Atlantic we take a look at The Emmys. Warner Brothers Discovery triumphed, but how will they navigate a tricky adjustment period as they merge HBO Max with Discovery Plus?

Plus, behind the scenes at major UK radio stations - how did radio bosses respond when they heard the Queen is dead? A special from the Radio Academy Podcast featuring Christian Hewgill (RA Pod), Rebecca Frank (KISS FM) and Tim Levell (Times Radio).

Listen to the full episode:

Also on the programme: Social media struggles. Our guests discuss the challenges of regulating tech companies as the Midterms approach and closer to home, a looming lawsuit for Google in the UK.

And in the media quiz, we’ll remember Her Royal Majesty's heartwarming and sometimes surprising taste in media.

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