BAFTA TV rundown, streaming slowdown & TikTok's troubles

This week a telly special, coming to you this week from The London Podcast Studios.

TV Critics Scott Bryan (Must Watch Podcast) and Boyd Hilton (Pilot TV Podcast, Heat Mag) unpack the TV BAFTA nominations and assess reports of a streamer slowdown.

Also up for discussion, a new Peaky Blinders movie studio is set to create more than 700 jobs in Birmingham and bring in more than 30 million pounds in revenue.

Plus, AI-Ghostwriting raises questions for the Writer's Guild Association in Hollywood. As writers, Scott and Boyd give their take on how ChatGPT may (or may not) disrupt the media.

Also on the programme: in this week’s deep dive, author and journalist James Ball explains why TikTok anxiety is taking hold in the US and closer to home.

And finally, we cover some new launches in the media quiz!

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill with support from Phoebe Adler-Ryan and Annalise Freimarck.

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