(Another) Government Shake Up, tales from GrowthLab & Iger's plans for Disney

Matt Deegan is joined by Maggie Brown (media commentator & Channel 4 historian) and Alex Farber (Times media correspondent) to examine the latest media shake-ups across the industry.

The UK Culture Ministry goes from DCMS back to CMS, and receives its twelfth Secretary in as many years as Lucy Frazer replaces Michelle Donelan.

Also on the programme: the panel discuss BBC Chair Richard Sharp's select committee grilling - is another role change imminent?

And over the pond, Bob Iger plans to cut 7,000 jobs at Disney and implement a major restructure. Our guests reflect on whether changes are also coming to the UK.

PLUS: Faraz Osman (MD Gold Wala) records live from GrowthLab - the brand new event for growing your indie. Exploring the halls of Canary Wharf, he asks the big brains behind telly what's new and how they're weathering the chilly economic climate. We hear from: Victoria Powell (IndieLab), Sam Barcroft (Creatorville), Jasmine Joseph & Paul Heaney (Bossanova), plus Matt Campion (Spirit Studios).

Find out more about the event: https://weareindielab.co.uk/growthlab

AND it's a telly content-themed Media Quiz looking at the reboots and finales causing a stir.

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Phoebe Adler-Ryan with support from Matt Hill.

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