Where next for Ch4? Outrage at media arrests & Gary Lineker & Tony Pastor on Goalhanger Podcasts

In this week's show, host Jake Kanter is joined by a panel of TV brains to ask: Where next for Channel 4?


‘Age cannot wither her’: Steven D Wright (Producer) discusses staying risky as a middle-aged broadcaster. Tara Conlan (broadcast journalist) explores how to escape the privatisation merry-go-round and Lis Howell (Emerita Professor, London City University) shares her view on Ch4 at its best.


Flicking the channel to ITV, our panel completes a health-check as it releases its latest revenue reports, prepares to launch ITVX and sends Matt Hancock into the jungle. 


Plus with three members of the press being cuffed for covering the climate change protests on the M25, our guests voice their concerns for media freedom in the UK. 


Also in the programme: Gary Lineker and Tony Pastor, co-founders of Goalhanger Films and Podcasts, talk about their top-hitting shows and covering the upcoming Qatar World Cup.


And in the media quiz we’re playing: Who’s Hacked Off? 

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