#103 - Lads Lads Lads, Fake Guests & Slow News - The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

News, analysis and gossip from the creative media industries with Olly Mann and guests. On this week’s show are managing director of Kerfuffle TV, Steven D Wright and CEO of the ShoutOut podcast network and host of careers podcast Wanna Be, Imriel Morgan.

This week: Viral content king LADBible has rescued its arch rival Unilad from administration - is there room for both brands in the crowded viral marketplace? Vice journalist Oobah Butler reveals he has been pranking broadcasters by sending stand-ins to interviews. including the BBC.

Plus a revival of the row over unpaid work at big media companies; Former BBC News supremo James Harding takes to Kickstarter to fund what he calls a new kind of ‘open journalism’ and we look forward to this autumn’s biggest TV shows in the Media Podcast Quiz.

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