319 The Strategy Mindset 2.0 by Chuck Bamford

The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide To The Design and Implementation of Strategy by Dr. Chuck Bamford

According to strategic planning expert Dr. Chuck Bamford, business strategy is a mixture of instinct and instruction. 

You already have the instinct—let Bamford provide the instruction you need to hone your business and leadership traits and lead your organization into a bright future. 

Bamford’s work stands out from other business leadership books by providing in-depth processes in a practical format that allows the reader to use the material immediately. 

Using these as a jumping-off point and a business model navigator, Bamford encourages you to think about your own business leadership skills list and the qualities you want to master. 

By envisioning your ideal customer, crafting true competitive advantages, and understanding how to implement strategy, you can begin honing an identity that will make you stand out in any industry. 

Bamford draws upon lessons from wildly successful organizations in every type of industry to show you how developing a real strategic plan can make a whole lot of change possible.

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