The Music Video Special: Catalogue, Comments & Characters ft Elliot

In celebration of The Manor’s music video ‘Swazz’ being nominated for a Kinsale Shark Award (aka the BAFTAs for top creative fellas), the boys watch back the greatest hits from their cinematic YouTube catalogue. 

Joining the band is accomplice, best friend, and long-term creative collaborator Elliot Simpson (director of the viral Joel Corey’s ‘Head & Heart’ Video). Elliot provides some technical insight into select productions and also sheds some light on the mayhem that took place behind the scenes.

The boys also take a look at the dreaded ‘comments’ section for each video - we included the scathing, the constructive, and the downright weird. Grab some popcorn, it’s movie night. 

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Music videos in order of discussion:

Patrick Riviera:




All Goes Cold:

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