MAG 194 - Parting

Case ########-34

Considerations of observation.

Recorded by The Archivist in Situ.

Content warnings:

  • Arguments
  • Body horror (inc flesh & gore SFX)
  • Self-inflicted wounds & body modification (inc SFX)
  • Explicit language
  • Panic & emotional distress
  • Mentions of: alcohol, knives, death, funerals, mass suffering, suicidal ideation, emotional abuse, second person POV, scopophobia, breathing difficulties SFX, physical violence, gaslighting, tumours/cancer




Thanks to this week's Patrons: Laura Berry, Serena DeRosa, Dalia Quiroz, Vaughn S, Hannah Aroni, Sydni Zastre, Maia Montenegro, Ash, Jamy Eun, Faustina Pauwels, Ryan Mulgrew, Sarah Houghton, Sabrina B., Tristen, Just a girl, Gretal McCurdy, Eddie Sourboy, Jean, Ash Craig, mandabot, Lindsay Woodcock, Nick Ball, Emily Lalande, SternStundenSpirale, Max Sellers, Gale Love, C W, desiderius, Samantha Grant, Michael Lynn, Chani Mores, Paperweight Jellyfish, Kate, jasper, Ayu, Djorkus Day, CJ Craig, Norea Besman, iota, Gwen S., R. L Moses, Roggepan, Adrian Gergler, Agneskissme, Oliver Loupe, Katie Collins, Mika Stavropoulos, Lucas Bear, WhoopsieDaisy.

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Edited this week by Annie Fitch, Elizabeth Moffatt, Brock Winstead, Jeffrey Nils Gardner & Alexander J Newall

Written by Jonathan Sims and directed by Alexander J Newall

Produced by Lowri Ann Davies

Sensitivity consultation by Alexander Linde Nielsen


- "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims

- "Martin Blackwood" - Alexander J. Newall

- "Melanie King" - Lydia Nicholas

- "Celia" - Lowri Ann Davies

Sound effects this week by 13F_Panska_Koprivikova_Klara, 13GPanska_Langerova_Lucie, aarom, acc71000, ahubbar1, AlaskaRobotics, applesandpears50, bhlokvva, bmcken, BockelSound, Breviceps, brkdwnb3njo, bsmacbride, bulbastre, cjosephwalker, cmusounddesign, CosmicEmbers, CUeckermann, draftcraft, Drkvixn91, EchoCinematics, florianreichelt, Fugeni, Gammelsmurfen778, georgisound, gggtrew, giddster, Glaneur de sons, harilatron, harleto, IndianaParkWars, InspectorJ, jaimage, JavierZumer, Julien Matthey, jvdicke, klangfabrik, kyles, leonelmail, leonsptvx, letsmakemuffins, Lightnessko, MaestroALF, magnus589, melack, mitchanary, Mivori, muses212, neilsher, NWSP, o_ciz, ondrosik, patchytherat, phenoxyethanol, PhilStrahl, PMBROWNE, Podcapocalipsis, unkleceeg, RaspberryTickle, Rebecca_f, Relenzo2, RHumphries, sethlind, sforsman, SoundsForHim, SpliceSound, squeakyballoon, SteveMannella, sturmankin, subtletransmissions, TheFilmLook, tiptoe84, ultradust, unfa, zolopher, zrrion_the_insect & previously credited artists via

Additional sound effects from

Music: A Night Alone – TrackTribe, from Youtube Audio Library

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