MAG 190 - Scavengers

Case ########-30

Interactions with various survivors, recorded on location.

Content warnings:

  • Cults
  • Self-recrimination
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Mentions of: therapy, innuendo, paranoia & anxiety, instances of memory loss, mild vicarious embarrassment, mild language, ableism, death, mass suffering, physical violence, murder, apocalypse




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Edited this week by Nico Vettese, Elizabeth Moffatt, Brock Winstead & Alexander J Newall

Written by Jonathan Sims and directed by Alexander J Newall

Produced by Lowri Ann Davies

Sensitivity consultation by Alexander Linde Nielsen


- "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims

- "Martin Blackwood" - Alexander J. Newall

- "Melanie King" - Lydia Nicholas

- "Georgie Barker" - Sasha Sienna

- "Laverne" - Helen Gould

- "Celia" - Lowri Ann Davies

- "Arun" - Anil Godigamuwe

Sound effects this week by 190042, altfuture, bbrocer, bdavis, blukotek, conleec, Fedor_Ogon, FlashTrauma, Fugeni, indirect, InspectorJ, j1987, kmckinney7, kyles, LampEight, luke_harris_01, MegaPenguin13, ondrosik, p1llowt4lk, pushkin, redcheek, rkeato, Samgd14, sandyrb, savataivanov, Septem36, SpliceSound, sturmankin, thatjeffcarter, Timmeh515, unkleceeg, vckhaze, WilliamJMeyer, Yuval & previously credited artists via

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