MAG 181 - Ignorance

Case ########-21

Preparation and recuperation.

Audio recorded by the Archivist, in situ.

Content warnings:

  • Dissociation
  • Memory loss / Mental deterioration
  • Schadenfreude / Vicarious embarrassment
  • Mentions of: suicide, alcohol, excessive drinking

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Edited this week by Nico Vettese, Elizabeth Moffatt, Brock Winstead & Alexander J Newall

Written by Jonathan Sims and directed by Alexander J Newall

Produced by Lowri Ann Davies


- "Martin Blackwood" - Alexander J. Newall

- "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims  

- "Annabelle Cane" - Chioma Nwalioba

- "Mikaele Salesa" - Ray Chong Nee

Sound effects this week by koraps, VithorMoraes, Timmeh515, j1987, vckhaze, klankbeeld, Omar Alvarado, kyles, o_ciz, MAJ061785, Iamgiorgio, mlsulli, 190042, davethetech , megashroom, shall555, Handfan, 13GPanska_Gorbusinova_Anna, gpag1, AlfredHitch, Clearwavsound, mrh4hn, oddmonolithsound, ultradust, sethlind , altfuture, dynamique, sacredmatt, straget,, sturmankin, 3bagbrew, & previously credited artists via

Additional sound effects from


 - "Sechs Deutsche Lieder - Zwiegesang" by Louis Spohr, performed by Alavedra, McColl, Levine and provided under a Attribution-ShareAlike licence

- "9th Symphony, Finale" by Beethoven, available in the Youtube Audio Library 

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