MAG 166 - The Worms

Case ########-6.

Lamentation of those left below. 

Audio recording by the Archivist, in situ.

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Edited this week by Nico Vettese, Elizabeth Moffatt, Brock Winstead & Alexander J Newall.

Written by Jonathan Sims and directed by Alexander J Newall.

Produced by Lowri Ann Davies.

Content warnings:

- Screams 

- Claustrophobia 

- Reported violence

- Dehumanisation 

- Anxiety

- Suffocation 

- Worms (including SFX)

- Explicit language

Sound effects this week by khenshom, cameronmusic, crcavol, elvish_paisley, tomattka, visions68, Pep_Molina, tvilgiat, AlineAudio, drotzruhn, giddster, jorickhoofd, jacobmathiassen, AderuMoro, purplereptar, silversatyr, FreqMan, tosha73, DigestContent, xtrgamr, UncleSigmund, Triad330670, thanvannispen, tim.kahn, FreqMan, Paul Sinnett, GiovanniProvenzale, lzmraul, sandufi, dav0r, Anthousai, rkeato, theshuggie, youandbiscuitme, khenshom, DanielsonIII, el-bee, viznoman, kyles, TimPryor, spookymodem, ohmypro, SilentStrikeZ, aUREa & previously credited artists via


- "Martin Blackwood" - Alexander J. Newall

- "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims 

- "Helen Richardson" - Imogen Harris 

- "Annabelle Cane" - Chioma Nwalioba

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