MAG 101 - Another Twist

Statement of Michael, taken from subject. Date unknown.

Content Warnings for this episode are at the end of the show notes.

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Edited by Elizabeth Moffatt, Brock Winstead & Alexander J Newall.


  •  "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims
  •  "Nikola Orsinov" - Jessica Law
  •  "Breekon" - Martin Corcoran
  •  "Hope" - Steve Violich
  •  "Michael" - Luke Booys
  •  "Helen Richardson" - Imogen Harris

Sound effects for this episode provided by mshahen, Sir Smith, Fantozzi, SilentStrikeZ, cclaretc, Werra, amholma, jcdecha & previously credited artists via

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Content Warning for:

  •  Body horror
  •  Kidnapping
  •  Betrayal


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