Voter Suppression or Ballot Fraud -- My 5-Month Investigation Into a Case in Georgia

This is a story about a group of 12 African-Americans who were arrested and charged with 120 felonies after they shifted control of a local school board in rural Georgia from a majority white board to majority black. This story happened months after Brian Kemp became Secretary of State in 2010, and Kemp kept the case open for six years, even after two mistrials and an acquittal.

I have finished a five-month project looking into a fight over these voter fraud allegations that turned out to be what now looks to many like a case of voter suppression and intimidation. It's out today, and here I discuss it with Ariel Hart of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who did crucial reporting on this story a few years ago.

My article on the Quitman 10+2, with the video project as well, is here.

Ariel Hart’s articles on this story are below:

The Vice article from 2014 is here

The Fox News interview with prosecutor Joe Mulholland can be seen here

My article on allegations against Kemp from last December is here

Background on Mary Turner can be found here

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