The Election Nightmare Scenario that Keeps Rick Hasen Up At Night

Rick Hasen is professor of law and political science at UC-Irvine and author of “Election Meltdown.”

Rick is two things that make him worth your time. First, he knows more about elections than almost anyone I know of. He updates his “Election Law blog” daily with the latest developments, and he has written two books on elections and election law. The most recent one, “Election Meltdown” came out earlier this year just before COVID-19 hit, and we talk about the main themes of that book.

But second, Rick is probably the most fair-minded expert on this topic that I’ve come across yet. I’ve done a fair amount of reporting and reading over the past few years on the issues of voting, voting rights, voter suppression, and allegations of fraud. And these are issues that elicit strong reactions from people, and as a result, both Democrats and Republicans get locked into diametrically opposed narratives on these issues. 

Hasen is very scrupulous and devoted to nuance on this stuff. It’s an incredibly hard quality to find. We cover a lot of ground and if you're curious about this topic, there's a ton of information here.

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