Kim Wyman, the Republican who oversees all-mail elections in Washington, on the security and integrity of the election

Kim Wyman is the Secretary of State in Washington state, which is one of five states that conducts its elections entirely by mail and has been doing so since 2011. 

I talked with Wyman about two main things: the robust controls that they have in Washington for verifying that ballots are legitimate and not fraudulent, and what she says about concerns that millions of ballots go missing every election.

A bit of a spoiler on that latter point: Wyman said most ballots that are called “missing” are not actually missing, but rather simply ballots that are mailed out and then not voted by the person who received it. But we also get into why some people get ballots for dead relatives, or from people who moved away, and what safeguards are in place to prevent those from being voted anyway. 

Just as every other Republican expert on voting has said, Wyman agreed that President Trump’s claims of a rigged election are preposterous. 

One note of correction. I mention at one point that Michael Adams, who was on this podcast in late August, has been an adviser to Vice President Mike Pence. Since we taped this, Adams, who is currently the Secretary of State in Kentucky, emailed me to say that he is not currently advising Pence. I have tried to get an answer from Adams on when that relationship ended, since public records from the Federal Election Commission show he was paid as recently as late June, but I have not received an answer on that. 

Outro song: "Gimme Some Truth" by John Lennon

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