Judy Wu Dominick thinks if you have wealth and aren't friends with others who don't, you're spiritually poor

Judy Wu Dominick comes to the issue of race from a decidedly Christian perspective. As she explains in the first portion of our conversation, she came to this work of writing about race and faith and justice essentially as a second career. She studied medicine and worked in that field for many years. Her work is something she has built over time and it’s highly sophisticated and full of wisdom. I first became aware of her writing in 2017 when she wrote a piece in Christianity Today on importance of pursuing nuance, and how Christians in particular have an imperative to do so. 

But I think the most powerful part of this conversation is when Judy talks about the way that those of us who have material wealthy are often spiritually poor if we are not in relationship with those who are in material poverty. Her story of her own efforts to live out her faith in this respect is, to me, incredibly moving. 

Here 2017 piece on nuance is here. The full link is here: https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2017/october-web-only/christian-mandate-nuance-subvert-tribalism.html

Her recent piece, "Making Just Disciples in an Unjust World" is here. The full link is here: https://lifereconsidered.com/2020/08/23/becoming-just-disciples-in-an-unjust-world/

Her piece, "Why the Affluent Need the Poor" is here. The full link is here: https://lifereconsidered.com/2015/12/01/why-the-affluent-need-the-poor/

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