Charlie Camosy Talks Abortion Politics

Charlie Camosy is a professor of theology and social ethics at Fordham University, and has written several books on the issue of abortion and the politics of abortion. What I appreciate about Charlie is that his main theme, or one of them, is that there is nowhere near as much disagreement among a broad majority of Americans on what to do about abortion politically as we think. 

Charlie was on the board of Democrats for Life until February, when he left the group, and the party, saying it has become too inhospitable to those who oppose abortion, or those who just want to reduce it. We talk about that decision, and also about why he is deeply opposed to joining the Republican Party or supporting Donald Trump. 

We talk about how Europe is a model for how America should approach abortion, and what it might look like for the pro-life cause — if that’s what it should be called — could build a coalition that’s not captive to any one political party. 

Camosy's books include "Resisting Throwaway Culture," "Beyond the Abortion Wars," and "For Love of Animals."

Outro Song: "Can I Believe You," by Fleet Foxes

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