Bob Inglis Wanted to "Destroy" Bill Clinton during the 98 Impeachment. Years Later He Tracked Him Down to Apologize.

Bob Inglis was leading the charge 20 years ago to impeach President Bill Clinton. Inglis was an up and coming Republican congressman from South Carolina, and a self-described bomb-thrower.

A few years ago, Inglis asked to meet Clinton at his offices in Harlem. He walked into that meeting and asked Clinton's forgiveness.

This is a conversation about how that transformation came about, and about what Inglis is up to now. He's been a lonely voice on the political right seeking to raise awareness about climate change, but he said that conservatives are slowly coming around on the issue, and that whenever President Trump exits the stage, he will "take climate disputation with him.”

Outro music: "Crowded Table" by The Highwomen

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