David French is warning evangelicals away from authoritarianism

David French, my guest today, is senior editor at The Dispatch, contributing writer at The Atlantic, co-host of the "Good Faith" podcast with Curtis Chang. He is author of several books, most recently, "Divided We Fall: America's Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation." David has a long career as a lawyer who has fought for religious liberty of all faiths, but especially conservatives. He is super conservative himself, as you will hear in this conversation when he talks about his view of abortion. But over the last several years, French has become a pariah to many on the right. French has in essence become the target for conservatives who believe that America is so hostile to their views and their way of life that it is no longer possible to try to reach agreement and compromise and accommodation through the regular means of democratic processes.

In short, David French has become a standard-bearer for conservatives who still believe in democracy, and a target for those on the right who range from skeptical that democracy can work for them anymore, to those who are outright hostile to democracy.

In this conversation we discuss what David French and Curtis Chang are doing to try to rebuild the walls of christian conservative commitments to democracy and classical liberalism, which is different from partisan or political liberalism. Curtis was on this podcast last year to talk about his work on "Christians and the Vaccine." And then in the second half of this conversation, we talk about Roe v Wade and what happens next.

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