“Interested and willing” | Episode 8

In the 90s more and more lesbians called Switchboard to ask where they could get hold of sperm. All sorts of LGBTQI+ people in the period sought to make families outside of conventional methods and constraints. In this episode, Tash and Adam hear stories from the people who pioneered queer family-making. We also catch-up with some folks who have their own experiences and opinions on what queer family means to them today.

Content warning: homophobia

The Log Books — stories from Britain’s LGBTQI+ history and conversations about being queer today. Produced by Shivani Dave, Tash Walker and Adam Zmith, in partnership with Switchboard - the LGBT+ helpline. With thanks to the Bishopsgate Institute. Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

For more information about the themes in this episode, take a look at:

NHS info: having a baby if you’re LGBT+ 

Stonewall: parenting rights

COTS: Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy

PACT: Parents and Children Together

Music by Tom Foskett-Barnes

Artwork by Natalie Doto


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