Ep78: Murder Avenue feat. the cast of Dead Drunk Detective

In a modest studio somewhere in the suburbs of London, murder.

It began as an everyday episode of The LIL Show, where the host was berating an invited guest. But suddenly, with the flick of a switch and the squeal of an improviser, things got all murdery.

Luckily, Detective Malcolm Roughtouch occupies the office next door and our host Talal is taken on a journey full of twist and turns, and that's just Porky Pig's tail!

WHO killed Mark Tindle??!
WHY won't he help Talal get laid??!
HOW long has The LIL Show had an intern??!
WHAT is the normal amount of these questions??!
IS this enough??!

And then we did some improv.

This week's guests were the cast of the relentlessly funny all new podcast Dead Drunk Detective. Check that out on Soundcloud and all those podcast appy things.

Cast: Edmund Fargher, Kate Oswald & Mark Tindle.

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