Ep111: DROOP SACKS feat. James Le Lacheur, Riley Madincea & Robin Milton

Not what it sounds like! Did you know that almonds are not nuts, but droop sacks? Well now you do!

Learn more great facts like that here on today's London Improv Live, because you're certainly not gonna learn anything good in a Jr Dictionary...

Find out why on today's The LIL Show!


Hot off of the cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (has that tag gotten us more clicks yet?) comes James Le Lacheur - who seems to REALLY love acorns!

Find them performing as part of Multiverse, Notflix or in Nursery Original's Heads Might Roll. @JamesLeLacheur

From the beloved Other People's Children (well, goodbye new listeners) returns Riley Madincea - who I have booked counselling for. Stop sending me letters!!

He performs with Other People's Children monthly at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre. @OtherChilds

And still denying that he's in an improv group with me, it's Robin Milton! He can skim a pebble like a man possessed, by several Gods!

His new stand-up night is the Bee's knees, the Dog's bollocks and both the Bee's and the Dog's new favourite stand-up night! It's called 4&20 Presents, and it's at the Blackbird Bakery. Go! @Milky_Twiglet

Enjoy x

Talal Karkouti the host wants you to find him on Twitter & Instagram @Talalaban or @TheLILShow. Just do what he says, it's a lot easier...



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