Your complete coronavirus survival guide & what does "social distancing" actually mean?

The UK is preparing to take the next steps required to slow the spread of coronavirus - while scientists and health officials continue to emphasise the need for the public to do their bit too. Boris Johnson today led a Cobra meeting to discuss the UK’s next steps. The Evening Standard’s deputy political editor, Nicolas Cecil, joins The Leader podcast from Westminster

Trump’s travel ban

Donald Trump on Wednesday night announced a travel ban to the US from most of mainland Europe – despite scientists’ insistence that limiting plane travel is of little importance. The Evening Standard’s US correspondent makes sense of Donald Trump’s plane stopping strategy.

Virus mythbusting

With the constant news about coronavirus it’s enough to make anyone anxious. There are so many tips and tricks on how to protect ourselves, but do they actually work? Features writer Sam Fishwick breaks down some of the myths, and explains what “social distancing” is.


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