Why western brands are closing shops in China; will Pompeo UK visit be hampered by Huawei deal; saving a London pop icon

Today British Airways announced they are suspending flights to and from mainland China while they assess the coronavirus situation. The British government has said all repatriated citizens will be placed in quarantine on their return from China, and big brands such as Toyota and Starbucks have closed stores in the country. All attempts to hinder the spread of a virus which has already claimed 132 lives, the effects of which will have far-reaching economic consequences. The Evening Standard’s business editor, Alex Lawson, joins The Leader podcast to explore what the wider impact will be.

Pompeo’s in London 

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in London to meet the Prime Minister, just a day after Boris Johnson ‘defied’ Donald Trump by approving Chinese tech firm Huawei’s role in the UK 5G network. Mr. Pompeo will also meet UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, and is expected to discuss Anne Sacoolas, the US diplomat’s wife who killed teenager Harry Dunn before leaving the country claiming diplomatic immunity. The Evening Standard’s US correspondent David Gardener joins The Leader podcast to discuss what we should expect from this visit, and what it means for the ‘strained’ relationship between the UK and US.

Protecting grassroots music

London’s 100 Club famously hosted early performances from music legends such as The Who, The Buzzcocks and The Rolling Stones – and now it’s to be given a special status and a 100% cut in business rates in a new scheme from Westminster council.

Rob Dex, the Evening Standard’s arts correspondent, explains how schemes like this are vital to protect London’s cultural heritage and a lifeline for many up & coming bands.

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David Marsland 0:00  

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Hi I'm David Marsland....... locking down doors and shutting up shop, how fear is following the corona virus spread in China.

Alex Lawson 0:33  

Toyota shut down several of its plants though since Starbucks, close to thousands of its 4000 shops over them. Donald's and KFC also closing stores 

David Marsland 0:43  

The Evening Standard's Alex Lawson speaks to The Leader as the UK prepares to fly its citizens out of Wuhan and straight into quarantine. Also, 

David Gardner 0:52  

When Boris Johnson became prime minister, I guess we all thought that the special relationship between Britain and the US will be improved through his friendship with Donald Trump, but it hasn't necessarily worked out that way.

David Marsland 1:02  

US correspondent David Gardner on tension between the White House and Downing Street with America Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in London

Rob Dex 1:10  

The pistols, the clash the Buzzcocks, you know the Jam, the Stranglers, they...

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