What it’s like to self-isolate with Coronavirus; Will London’s West End ‘go dark’ like Broadway?

What is it like to self-isolate with coronavirus? The Leader podcast spoke to Chris Sumner, who’s been fighting the virus for seven days and is in recovery – with his wife, who also caught it – to see what their symptoms were.

Not everyone will be self-isolating with someone for company, the Evening Standard’s deputy features editor Shannon Mahanty offers her advice for those home alone with Covid-19.

Will theatre's close?

We recently saw New York’s Broadway draw stopping all their shows until further notice. London’s West End has been waiting on the side-lines to see when they will follow suit. However theatre’s in the capital have started to close on their own accord, before any final whistle has been blown. Will the show go on despite coronavirus fears? Arts editor Nancy Durrant and Deputy Arts Editor Jessie Thompson join The Leader podcast.


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