Victory and controversy: England's World Cup begins

A 6-2 win for England, a last minute armband u-turn, and continued controversy over human rights. As the World Cup in Qatar is underway, our Senior News Correspondent Anthony France describes the atmosphere at the tournament, and explains how fans have responded to the controversies around it. Plus Robbie de Santos from Stonewall discusses the concerns for the LGBTQ+ community at home and at the event, and Rothna Begum Senior Researcher at Human Rights Watch discusses the issues migrant workers have faced in the country. In this episode:

  • How have fans in Qatar reacted to the armbands U-turn?
  • Why it’s difficult for LGBTQ+ fans to enjoy this World Cup
  • Should countries boycott controversial events?
  • How migrant workers in Qatar have faced abuse and exploitation
  • Why the families of workers who have died deserve compensation

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