Streatham attack: UK terror laws must change - Plus, what’s it like being a BAFTA judge?

Another terror related incident took place on Streatham High Street yesterday, the second in London in the last three months. How do we stop these attacks becoming “normal”?


The attacker has been named by police as Sudesh Amman and the Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the stabbing attack. Sudesh was recently freed from prison where he had been incarcerated after possessing and distributing terrorist documents.


The Leader podcast speak to the Evening Standard’s Julian Glover about how the system for dealing with convicted terrorists must change to keep us safe.


BAFTA's EE Rising Star Award

What is it like to be a BAFTA judge? ES Magazine’s chief editor Laura Weir was on the panel choosing the EE Rising Star award which was last night given to Top Boy’s Micheal Ward. Laura tells The Leader podcast about her experience as a juror for one of the UK’s most prestigious award ceremonies, as well as the red carpet goss from the event last night.

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David Marsland 0:00  

Hello, I'm David Marsland and we have a lot of new listeners to the leader. Thank you for choosing our news commentary and analysis. And please do let others know about us too. You can share us through your podcast provider or let people know on social media, use the hashtag the leader podcast now, from the Evening Standard in London this is The Leader

Hi, I'm David Marsland, another terror attack in London. How do we stop this becoming normal? 

Julian Glover 0:37  

There's no good just being shocked or repulsed as the prime minister said he was by the London Bridge attack last year. We need to know the details of what the plan is and it's got to be a proper plan not just a political plan in order to make headlines, 

David Marsland 0:47  

The evening standards associate editor Julian Glover on the tough choices our free society has to make to keep people safe and..

Laura Weir 0:55  

We all descend on the Savoy for a day of judging and the room is very impressive. It's industry producers, casting directors. There are some actors on the panel as well. And we all give each nominee a long discussion around the table. 

David Marsland 1:11  

What's it like being a BAFTA judge? we asked ES magazine's editor in chief Laura Weir who was on the panel choosing the Rising Star award given to top boys Micheal Ward.

Taken from the Evening Standard editorial column this is the leader for the whole thing pick up the newspaper for head to - in a moment, how should we respond to another terror attack in London?

Not even 24 hours after a terror attack that made...

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