UK lockdown: is a second Covid lockdown coming? And why adoptions went up during the pandemic

Heath Secretary Matt Hancock has put the country on notice for a national social lockdown, saying: “I fear more people will die.” But our political editor Joe Murphy says restrictions this time could be a lot different than before, with an emphasis on keeping friends apart. He also tells us about the crunch Downing Street meetings this week, where scientists called for the Prime Minister to force a "circuit break" but the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, warned about the "extremely worrying" forecasts for the economy if we go into any form of extended lockdown. 

Also, the Coram adoption charity is reporting a massive increase in the number of people looking to take in children during this pandemic. It says numbers are up 24% on last year, and it thinks it's down to people having time to reflect on what's important in their lives. We speak to the charity's Sue Lowndes who says the rising interest has taken them by surprise, but delighted children who feared their chances of finding a new home would be hurt in a time of social isolation. She also gives advice for those who are considering adoption themselves. 


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