UK government wants sweeping new powers to fight Covid-19. Should it get them?

The government is trying rush an emergency powers bill through parliament to take on coronavirus. It’s massive in scope and would give our leaders sweeping new powers. It’s necessary, but we should be aware of the consequences. 

The Evening Standard’s political correspondent, Joe Murphy, joins The Leader podcast from Westminster to explain what the new powers will mean, as well as news of a possible new coronavirus testing kit.

Investigating shop supplies

Stockpiling continues to cause serious problems, with some stores now forced to ration everyday items and commit to special opening times for older members of society. But crowding in the supermarkets brings additional public health risk. The Evening Standard’s Investigations editor David Cohen has been on his own shopping expedition and joins The Leader podcast to discuss what he found.

Italian lockdown

Italy is a week ahead of the UK with a Covid-19 lockdown already in place. What should the UK expect from being in an unknown period of isolation? Otto Lanzavecchia speaks to The Leader Podcast from his quarantined flat in Tuscany about how he keeps busy, his relationship with his family, musical flashmobs - and explains how a sense of community is the way we can make it through this crisis.


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