UK enters phase two of the coronavirus battle plan; What happened to Flybe; Refugee season at the Imperial War museum

The UK is now in phase two of its battle plan against coronavirus. The infection has defied containment, so now doctors are trying to delay a severe outbreak. The country’s chief medical officer Chris Witty explained what measures are now being taken to the Commons health and social care committee, and gave a warning that he expects the number of people to catch the virus “only to go up.” The Leader podcast speaks to the Evening Standard’s deputy political editor, Nicholas Cecil, to explore the latest developments.  

Coronavirus recession

It’s not just the health authorities feeling the pressure from coronavirus. Flybe’s blaming it for driving down passengers, leading to the company going into administration. HSBC cleared an entire floor at its London HQ after one of its workers was confirmed to have the illness. The Evening Standard’s Jonathan Prynn tells The Leader podcast, there is more to come, and wonders if we’re entering a ‘coronavirus recession’. 

Refugee season

What’s it really like living inside a refugee camp? The Imperial War museum says an installation opening next month will “immerse visitors” into an environment likened to a mini-city. It’s part of the museum’s Refugees season, which also sees artist Ai Weiwei handed the entire atrium for a commission titled ‘History of Bombs’. The Evening Standard’s arts correspondent Robert Dex tells the Leader what the museum is trying to achieve.



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