UK coronavirus recovery plan: track & trace, local lockdowns and individual isolation

Boris Johnson calls it the “whack-a-mole” strategy. An enormous operation to test and trace everyone in the UK showing symptoms of coronavirus, as well as those they have been in contact with. Our political editor Joe Murphy tells us how it’s supported by an army of 50,000 doctors and data gatherers, and why the government changed the name from “track and trace”. But the Evening Standard’s editorial asks how it can work if no-one knows what the self-isolation rules are anymore?

It was predicted that the lockdown would lead to great works of literature, or at least the DIY getting done. But figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed what the UK public have really been up to. 

The Evening Standard’s Naomi Ackerman has been reading the report. She joins The Leader podcast to tell us what the top activities have been - and who’s been doing the most housework. She also discusses what she’s been up to, including launching her own podcast.


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