UK coronavirus death toll ’50%’ higher than previously thought, as millions go hungry since lockdown

New figures show the death toll from coronavirus could be much higher than previously thought. Data from the Office for National Statistics exposes a difference of up to 50% between the reported figures and the true death toll - that’s thousands of additional deaths across the UK. 

The Evening Standard's health editor Ross Lydall tells The Leader podcast why there's such a big disparity, and why some health officials fear the UK will end up being the worst affected in Europe. 

Food insecurity

A YouGov survey for the Food Foundation has found that 8 million people in the UK are facing food insecurity, with up to 3 million going hungry since the coronavirus lockdown. 

Investigations Editor David Cohen joins The Leader podcast to discuss why so many are struggling, and how the Evening Standard’s ‘Food for London Now’ campaign is helping. 


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