Trump vs. Greta at Davos, President misses first day of Impeachment trial & Prince Harry’s plans

Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg attended the Davos summit where the climate was top of the agenda. This is the first event they have both spoken at since last year’s UN climate change summit. From the Evening Standard’s Westminster office, Deputy Political editor Nicholas Cecil joins The Leader podcast to dissect the speeches.

Trump misses first day of impeachment trial:

As the President of the United States is in Davos he has missed his first day of his historic impeachment trial. Evening Standard US correspondent David Gardner has been keeping an eye on proceedings in Washington and joins The Leader podcast to discuss what it means for Mr. Trump.


What Harry did next:

Prince Harry has arrived in Canada to be with his son Archie and wife Meghan. But what will he do now? The Leader podcast speaks to the Evening Standard’s royal correspondent Robert Jobson to find out.


David Marsland 0:00  

Thanks for listening to The Leader but please don't keep it to yourself. You can share the podcast through your provider and get in touch with us on social media with the hashtag the leader podcast; now, from the Evening Standard in London, this is The Leader

Hi, I'm David Marsland, it's Donald Trump vs Greta Thunberg at Davos

Donald Trump 0:29  

We must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse

Greta Thunberg 0:36  

Without treating this as a real crisis. We cannot solve it and then we cannot see this from a holistic view

David Marsland 0:42  

who won? we speak to the Evening Standard's deputy political editor Nicholas Cecil... Also,

David Gardner 0:47  

He calls it a hoax repeatedly called it a hoax and as demeaned it wherever he can,

David Marsland 0:51  

While the President's in Switzerland his impeachment trials underway in Washington, our US correspondent David Gardener what's happening on Capitol Hill and..

Robert Jobson 0:59  

He's already got a number of engagements in the diary established with the American friends of Sentebale.

David Marsland 1:07  

What did he do next? Royal editor Robert Jobson and exclusively reveals what the prince is actually going to do. Now he's not a senior royal.

Taken from the Evening Standard's editorial column, this is The Leader. For the whole thing, pick up the newspaper or head to in a moment. Greta against the Don' at Davos.

Every flight into the Davos summit this year has been carbon offset, companies attending have been asked to commit to net zero emissions by 2050. How to save the planet is the key theme. they've invited Greta Thunberg to speak. And Donald Trump.

Donald Trump 2:09  

I am proud to report the United States is among the cleanest air and drinking water on Earth.

Greta Thunberg 2:14  

But of course, if you see from another perspective, pretty much nothing has been done, emissions of co2 has not reduced

Donald Trump 2:21  

We must...

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