Trump v Biden: Is the presidential debate format broken? And why Paris is letting restaurants stay open late

#CutHisMic has been all over social media after a US presidential debate that descended into chaos. Moderator Chris Wallace seemed unable to control Donald Trump, who repeatedly shouted at, insulted and interrupted Joe Biden in Cleveland. Christopher Phelps, associate professor of American studies at Nottingham University, tells us why the TV network would have been reluctant to silence a sitting president, but bosses looking at future debates might well be quicker on the trigger. He also says Mr Trump's aggressive strategy will likely have backfired, with those still undecided on how to vote looking for more substance on what's being done about coronavirus, the economy and a race crisis in the States. 

Also, France has decided to let restaurants stay open past the country's 10pm curfew, although the rules are unchanged for pubs. The Evening Standard's Jonathan Prynn says that's caught the attention of the hospitality trade here, which says lockdown rules are making it nearly impossible for them to get enough customers through the doors. Meanwhile, the curfew's also being partly blamed for a continuing lack of passengers on public transport in London. Ros Morgan, from the Heart of London Business Alliance, tells us why TFL needs a five year bailout deal to make sure services keep running through the pandemic and beyond. 


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