Thousands of at-risk young people not visited by children’s services in lockdown, and the UK 'wants Biden to be President'

A special Evening Standard investigation has found thousands of vulnerable young people weren’t visited by children's services during lockdown. In the three months to June 30, face-to-face visits by children’s services plummeted 75 percent in some boroughs compared with the same period last year. Our investigations editor David Cohen tells us how serious the risk is to these services when they can’t physically meet with at-risk children.

And, an exclusive Ipsos MORI survey for the Evening Standard has found that if US President Donald Trump and his democratic rival Joe Biden were going head-to-head in the UK, Mr Biden would win by a landslide. But of those surveyed, far fewer think he’ll actually reach the White House. Our deputy political editor Nic Cecil tells us how this compares with the last election race.


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