The Queen’s Speech analysed, plus is ‘obscene’ Cats the movie REALLY that bad? And a special Christmas message from pianist Stephen Hough

The Queen has delivered her speech, can Boris Johnson now deliver on his promises? Our political editor Joe Murphy looks at the government’s agenda. Brexit is the predictable priority, but why is there an overhaul of espionage laws, and what happened between the Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn?

Also, there’s been a dip in the number of people using public transport in London, but car use has gone up outside the city centre. The Evening Standard’s City Hall Editor, Ross Lydall, takes a look at the figures and predicts a major clash at next year’s mayoral election.

And, Cats, the movie based on the musical, is being critically savaged. We speak to film critic David Sexton who says it’s “nearly as obscene as the Human Centipede”.

Plus, a bonus Christmas message recorded for the Leader podcast by composer and pianist Stephen Hough. Can you believe in Christmas if you don’t believe in Christ? 


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