The government has a plan to fight coronavirus in the UK; and who will win ‘Super Tuesday’ to be the Democrats’ pick against Donald Trump?

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock’s written in the Evening Standard to outline the Government’s coronavirus “battle plan”. He describes how the country is in a ‘containment’ phase, and calls on the public to ‘do their duty’ to stop its spread. He also says the government has the powers to ‘enforce’ self-isolation. As the number of cases in the UK rises again, the newspaper’s comment editor Susannah Butter talks to the podcast about what the government’s doing, and how far it can go. 

Super Tuesday 2020

They call it “Super Tuesday” – when Democrats from 14 states across America will vote for who they want to take on President Trump. Apart from the election itself in November, this is the biggest night in US politics this year. Pete Buttigieg didn’t last the distance, dropping out on Sunday, leaving candidates including Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg and four others scrambling to pick up votes. Our US correspondent David Gardner’s been analysing the stats and tries to predict the outcome.

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