Sustainable travel: What kind of sustainable traveller are you?

Are you a fully fledged eco-nomad or merely eco-curious? Do you belong to the B-Corp Bleisure tribe or the 'Greener-Than-Thou Family'? This week our Sustainable Travel podcast series gets personal about what it means to be a more responsible traveller.


Juliet Kinsman and Jon Weeks reveal there is significantly more than one way to engage with sustainability, and the way you do it says much about which tribe you belong to.


Zina Bencheikh of Intrepid Travel explains B-Corp accreditation, and why B-Corp businesses are likely to appeal most to ethical explorers.

Plus, Tracey Poggio, chair of ANTOR (Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives) explains how destinations can learn from each other's experiences to become more eco, and the task she gives her children every time they travel abroad.

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