Skimpflation: Money-saving tips for cost-of-living squeeze

Have you noticed chocolate bars getting smaller, crisps bags pumped with air to bulk them out and then you get the corporate cold shoulder when you try to complain?

You’re a victim of skimpflation.

Economists class skimpflation as unlike regular inflation where you pay more for the same good and services, but instead you pay the same for something that’s worse quality or wait longer for it.

So that shirt that rips in the washing machine on the first wash, or that teeny tiny chocolate bar - will it ever end, and how can we stop getting ripped off?

And as inflation roars upwards, the Institute of Customer Service says customer service complaints are at a record high - and it’s quality, reliability and availability of goods and services that top people’s list of irritants.

As inflation rockets, with the supply chain still suffering Covid fallout, how can we get a better deal?

The Leader’s joined by Professor Heather McGregor, executive dean of the Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University, and formerly star of the Channel 4 show SuperScrimpers, under her nom de plume Mrs Moneypenny.

Listen to Professor McGregor’s top tips to get the value for money and how to reclaim your consumer rights.

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