The Royals: Should Prince Andrew lose his right to paid for security?; Donald Trump’s trial begins; & Charlize Theron talks new film & feminism

Today it has been reported that Prince Andrew faces losing his round-the-clock security. A review by the Home Office is looking to downgrade his protection if he is no longer performing public duties. 


Prince Andrew was essentially made to quit royal duties in November following his links to the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Since then he has continued to use his round-the-clock security protection, paid for by the taxpayer. 


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex independently announced their desire to ‘step back’ from senior Royal roles this week and want to become financially independent. Questions over who will support their security needs is currently in discussion.


The Evening Standard’s Home Affairs Editor Martin Bentham speaks to The Leader podcast on whether or not someone can rightfully have taxpayer-funded security if they are no longer serving the public. 

Donald Trump Impeachment:

On December 18th the US House of Representatives voted to begin an impeachment trial against President Donald Trump. Mr Trump will become the only third US president in history to face a legal challenge to his office. David Gardner has been watching the events unfold and joins The Leader podcast to explain how the president is handling this attention. Will Donald Trump be removed from office?

Charlize Theron Bombshell:

Charlize Theron plays Fox News host Megyn Kelly – about whom Donald Trump made allegedly sexist remarks - in the new film Bombshell. The Evening Standard’s Katie Rosseinsky interviewed Theron about playing a woman who once proudly announced herself a “not a feminist” – and yet found herself at the centre of a story about gender and discrimination. 

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Hi, I'm David Marsland. Prince Andrew may be stripped of state security. 

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It's clearly an expensive cost for the taxpayer to fund. That's the critical thing

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Our Home Affairs editor Martin Bentham on the Evening Standard's royal exclusive. What does it mean for Prince...

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