Rule of six: would you shop your neighbour? And David Cameron’s Brexit warning to Boris Johnson

At the start of lockdown we stood with our neighbours and applauded key workers in the NHS. Now we are being told to report the people next door to the police. Policing minister Kit Malthouse says people should "absolutely" call police if there's a large social gathering in their street. Has the government created a snooper's charter with its new laws? Our court correspondent Tristan Kirk says the regulations have caused a stir in legal circles by banning "mingling" but not defining what that means. And he also says courts are not expecting to see many, if any, people convicted. 

David Cameron's become the fifth former prime minister to warn Boris Johnson not to break international law as up to 20 Conservative MPs threaten to join a rebellion in the Commons. The former Tory leader says defying the law us “the very, very last thing you should contemplate” and that he has “misgivings” about Mr Johnson’s tactics. Evening Standard political reporter Sophia Sleigh says Mr Cameron's words are more "measured" than those of other critics like John Major and Tony Blair, but the rising tide of rebellion appears to have Downing Street worried. 


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