Rory Stewart interview exclusive; Prince Harry’s Sandringham summit with the Queen; & Flybe ‘bust’ fears

Rory Stewart writes in today’s Evening Standard that he ‘guarantees’ to reduce knife crime deaths in London if elected mayor – and has volunteered to resign if he fails. The Leader podcast speaks exclusively with the London Mayoral candidate to grill him on his claims. 

The Sandringham Summit:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle faced a crunch summit today with the Queen, the Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge Prince William and other senior royals. The subject: Harry’s future in the royal family following his and Meghan’s shock ‘resignation’ last week, and who will pay for it.

An exclusive report in the Evening Standard reveals that Justin Trudeau has privately assured the Queen that Canadian taxpayers will foot the bill for the Duke and Duchess’s security while in the country. The author of that report, Royal Editor Robert Jobson, joins The Leader podcast to discuss Harry and Meghan’s future, and how Trudeau’s promise will go down in Canada.

Flybe collapse:

Europe’s largest regional carrier Flybe is reportedly on the brink of collapse, leaving around 2,000 jobs at risk. Travel journalist Simon Calder joins The Leader podcast to discuss what this means for passengers.


David Marsland  

Welcome to The Leader the Evening Standards daily news, analysis and commentary podcast. It's released at 4pm every day, make sure you get it on time by subscribing through your preferred podcast provider. Now from the Evening Standard in London, this is The Leader.

Hi, I'm David Marsland, Rory Stewart's spoken to the Leader about his ambitions to be London mayor and lay down a challenge to Boris Johnson. 

Rory Stewart  

I can criticize Labour, I can criticize Conservatives. The only thing that I care about is sorting out London. So I can say to Boris Johnson deliver those 6,600 police officers. You said you're going to do it. We want them now. 

David Marsland  

He speaks about his commitment to bring down knife crime in the city. And will he really resign if he can't. Also...

Robert Jobson  

The Queen is the queen of Canada and this is her grandson, a of the relm, the Prime Minister's said that he will make sure that he's safe.

David Marsland  

Royal editor Robert Johnson as Harry is summoned to meet the Queen over he and Megan's resignation from the family and our exclusive report on Canada offering to pay for the rebel couple security and...

Simon Calder  

it's been going through a pretty rough time in terms of the slump in Sterling after the Brexit vote which means that their costs which are in US dollars have increased 

David Marsland  

Travel journalist Simon...

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