New UK quarantine laws: "silly tokenism” - plus, how to get a pint in lockdown London

Three months late and riddled with exemptions, the government is introducing quarantine rules for those who fly into the UK. They'll force people to self-isolate for 14 days, with exceptions including fruit pickers and possibly racing car drivers. Those who break the rules could be fined up to £1,000, but the Metropolitan police say it's not their job to enforce them. Our associate editor Julian Glover tells us why the Evening Standard's calling the laws "silly tokenism" and makes suggestions for how the government can safely allow people to take foreign holidays again. 

What are the rules for going outside this bank holiday, and is it alright to buy a pint? The Evening Standard's Amira Hashish has been out in Notting Hill, where some bars and restaurants are offering takeaway services. She tells us how there's confusion about what you can and cannot do, but also excitement about being able to buy a drink from a real pub again. You can find lots of ideas for the bank holiday, both indoors and out, on the Evening Standard's website. 


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