New lockdown messaging criticised - but could Boris have done better? Plus France travel deal explained.

The government is facing a backlash after changing its coronavirus messaging from "stay at home" to "stay alert”. But could ministers really have done any better? Marketing consultant Neil Taylor, who counts coming up with the name 'Ocado' in his credits, tells us how the country is entering a much more complicated phase of the coronavirus strategy that needs more nuanced public messaging. He also argues even Lord Kitchener's WW1 message "Your Country Needs You" would have been criticised on social media today for being too vague. 

French holidays:

Fancy a trip to France this summer? The governments of the UK and France have signed a deal to encourage travel between the two countries without the need to quarantine on the return trip. Shanghai’s Disneyland has just reopened - with social distancing measures - so could Disneyland Paris be next? The Leader podcast spoke to the Evening Standard’s Jonathan Prynn to find out if we should start dusting off our passports.


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